Here is a couple of unreleased tracks that I am sharing here to give visitors an exclusive listen..."Jimi Jimi" was recorded on my 4 track in the tiny wooden room in the old stone house in Woodstock NY in the last century (a stones throw from where Van Morrison lived)... "Do You Want To Come Outside" was recorded back in the 1990's by Fred Hand in a wooden room on the top of a mountain in Woodstock NY on my 1944 Martain...I play this song a bit differn't now but this is a great take that I had hoped to release on my "Stuck in Woodstock" Album... I released the single "Stuck In Woodstock" but the rest is still in the works as I discovered many more songs in my archives that I would like to include and more Importantly it is evolving into more of a multi media event Stay Tuned      © ℗ 1990-2019 

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This is the single from the album "In The Land of the Insane" a low fi collection from my archives recorded from 1991-2013...The prophetic relevance of much of the material is both eerie and haunting given the current social and political climate... all delivered with a twisted smile...


 "Stuck In Woodstock" written & recorded soon after ariving in town from NYC for the summer and losing my rent stabalized apt due to a snafu in my sublet...hence becoming "Stuck in Woodstock" (that is Ken Miller on the harmonica)...above photo is my daughter at Woodstock 94...look for the song  on Spotify, itunes and anywere else you can think of...Keep tuning into live from the cave to see what we are up to....a lot is coming and ride the wave with us...

Stay Tuned.
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