Greg Englesson  (Alias Mr. E) is an alternative troubadour performing original, topical, high energy acoustic songs that are entertaining and thought provoking. "Sometimes political, sometimes comical, sometimes mystical, but usually danceable". Equally at home in the intimacy of a coffee house or all out "balls to the wall" in any size club or festival. "He's a funky, rootsy, rock and roll show". Influenced by the Beat Poets, BeBop, Punk Rock, Rap, Blues, Anti-Folk, Soul and Funk. (All rolled into an enigmatic, unique form of self-expressed realness.)
    Greg Englesson has been a street musician in the US and Canada. While pursuing a degree in philosophy he put together a music and poetry performance group in Boston called The Social Beings. Upon moving to New York City he appeared solo as The Social Pariah. He then founded and fronted the garage-punk band The Chronic Citizens and produced their debut album "Capital Cult" which was distributed in the US and Europe... referred to by British press as a "modern R&B alternative" and was an underground hit in the USSR (on home-copied cassette tapes). The band reached cult status before it crashed and burned. Greg arose from the ashes with his book of poetry and an infinitely growing catalog of songs appearing around NYC and the Northeast as The Chronic Citizen. He moved to Woodstock NY for the summer, became Mr. E, had a child and never left.
    After some film and voice-over experience and a string of homespun Mr. E demo's Greg  reemerged with his first solo CD, “Mr. E Demystified" and has been untangling the web of mystery ever since. The Album appeared everywhere with no mention of Greg Englesson due to a digital distribution snafu (there seems to be a plethora of Mr. E's in the world). The Album has been re packaged & re released in order to clear the confusion.
While writing & recording material for his next Album, Greg came upon a wealth of archived material timely and relevant some of which became the 2011 release “on the brink of it all” and 2012 release “Art Not War”. The “next Album” morphed into hydra of unending material but finally one solidified into The 2020 digitally released "In the Land of the Insane". The prophetic relevance of much of the material is both eerie and haunting given the current social and political climate.
 One of the projects that was coming to fruition simultaneously  "Stuck in Woodstock" was released as a single the summer 2019 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the famed festival of the same name. The full album release was temporarily shelved do to the shear volume of material discovered that is begging for inclusion as well as the original inspiration to turn it into a film & or stage production.                                                       Having played everywhere from CBGB'S and The Limelight to Union Square and The Knitting Factory & sharing  the stage with They might Be Giants, Pussy Galore, Hot House Flowers, Jules Shear & Happy Traum. Greg Englesson is presently booking clubs, coffee houses and festivals throughout the Northeast and beyond.