© ℗ 1993-2019 Greg Englesson
I wrote this song the first year I moved to town and recorded it soon after at Fred Hands studio ...my friend and former bandmate Ken Miller helped out quit nicely on harmonica...


Stuck in Woodstock
by Greg Englesson
I moved here, I don’t know how many years ago
it must have been after that rock and roll show
I still wear a headband and tie die shirt
and my pants are covered with festival dirt
I smoked so much pot can’t remember my name
ate LSD went insane and came back again
I look to Jogger John and the lights in his head
they say Dylan is Elvis and Elvis is dead
I’m stuck in Woodstock
stuck in Woodstock
Oh why did I buy that little cafe
morning, noon and night I curse the day
we can’t flush the toilet because the sewer is gold
my pants, shirt and shoes are all covered with mold
I live in a tent on the outside of town
and I watch Mary go round and round
with poems in her head and paint on her palms
she followed The Dead and knows all of their songs
I’m stuck in Woodstock
stuck in Woodstock
And that guy that plays air drums out on the Green
all of the stars and all of the dreams
the bus stops from the city and the tourists get off
they ask about the festival and where to get rolfed
the Rainbows gather and dance to the moon
hear the garbage cans rattle to packs of raccoons
no I can’t think of where I’d rather be
then stuck in Woodstock, wild and free
I’m stuck in Woodstock
stuck in Woodstock
I’m stuck in Woodstock