1. Roll on River

From the recording "on the brink of it all"


Roll On River
by Greg Englesson

I Walk down to the river
drifting rolling out to sea
I catch a chill through my shiver
looking off into what will be
seen in the land of the foolish
living, dying in luxury
caressing silken lavish
rolling fields of poverty

Roll on roll on river
roll on out to sea
mountain rain soul giver
bury me beneath that tree

I’m looking up on a mountain
I fall down on to my knees
I throw my arms up to the rain
I reach out and embrace the breeze
the sunlight breaks through the clouds
streaming down a kiss upon me
I feel myself crying out loud
for I feel oh so free


The thunder comes in clearly now
the lightening cracks and splits a tree
that is who and when and how
that is where I wish to be
let the seeds of destruction plow
then we plant and grow and see
rise up till tomorrow brings now
and we see all must be free

Roll on, roll on, roll on, river...