From the album "Mr. E Demystified"

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This is a peace song with a zen twist


Let The Angels Rain<br />
by Greg Englesson<br />
                                                                               <br />
As I walk Along this Earth<br />
kicking up the dust and stone<br />
I wonder about my worth<br />
and if I am not alone<br />
I reach my sight over the seas<br />
feel a chill bite to my bone<br />
and i just wonder what will be<br />
when these seeds are fully sown<br />
<br />
Let the angels rain on me<br />
kiss the devil set him free<br />
let the angels rain<br />
let them ease the pain<br />
let them make me sane<br />
let me off this train<br />
free the beast they cannot tame<br />
<br />
As the air on which I chock<br />
burns it’s way into my lungs<br />
I feel the sun inside my throat<br />
as I hear the blasting of big guns<br />
marching off to distant war <br />
this simple song I strum<br />
Pandora’s box cracked opened door<br />
into the nation of the dumbed<br />
<br />
chorus<br />
<br />
I saw an angel from the sky<br />
bleed face down in the mud<br />
she just could not shake the lie<br />
as she tried to spread the love<br />
no one saw her in the way<br />
no one heard her call<br />
there black and white turned dismal gray<br />
as they all felt her silent fall<br />
<br />
chorus<br />
<br />
<br />
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