1. Science Says

From the recording "on the brink of it all"

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Science Say
by Greg Englesson

I Take the shoes of my feet
I lay down on my car seat
I peek out of my wind shield
gaze at the moon across an open field

space race satellite
spin on day and night
flight up in the sky
artificial men search for artificial high

telescope out the scene
fingers punch views on computer screens
experimental minds
trying to seize the times

back down to the earth
she is the one to put first
space well it can wait
why waste the mother in a blind haste

doctors speak out of tune
diseases loom
mathematicians calculate
on the state of the environmental fate

science says close your eyes
science says terms in disguise
science says change your heart
science says split apart
split it split it split it split it...

science was once a tool
science now is the god of the fool.