From the recording "on the brink of it all"

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Blame It On The Weather
by Greg Englesson

as the food supply spoils in the market place
because the price is high it all must go to waste
disease is running rampant through the city streets
the criminals wage war in alliance with police
politicians promise to set the nation straight
while the culture screams and cries that it’s much too late
they tell us to keep watching the statistical collapse
while the economic structure crumbles right into our laps

Blame it on the weather / there’s a problem outside
Blame it on the weather / you just can’t run and hide
Blame it on the weather / must be something we can do
Blame it on the weather / because the sky don’t look so blue

following the footsteps of greed and avarice
while the lavish streets outside open up into abyss
military chaos runs through the country side
while the humble wisdom of good souls must run and hide
flaming cities burn out in black holes of disgrace
while the rich and famous flee way up into space
the atmosphere can’t sustain the natural life forces
as we slave in cubicles as blind as work horses


where there once were flowers there is an ugly scene
the ozone layers thinning and acid fills our streams
the rain forest is stripped and raped to make McDonald’s meat
the automated rationale can never miss a beat
the politicians rattle at my window sill
asking for more taxes to pass another bill
I ask about the rich and our economy
why so many homeless when the buildings are empty


what could be the problem with our society
are we not imprisoned while they tell us we are free
there screaming at the window to just shut up and destroy
we slave and work and toil to buy another toy
what is it that is wrong with the way we are
we try to find salvation in the image of a star
going to infiltrate the masses with some idiotic term
as they sit in front of TV just as though they wish to learn