From the recording "Mr. E Demystified"

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© ℗ 2016 Greg Englesson
Greg Englesson:Producer: songwriter: Vocals & guitar
which were recorded by peter Einhorn @ Unicorn
Dean Jones Recorded & played bass & drums & mixed


Disney’s On Ice
by Greg Englesson

Da Da Da Disney’s on Ice
He’s dreaming of some mice
he’s got an animated scene
on your cinematic screen

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy
living at the movies
made a million bucks
that mouse dog and duck

The employees are a working
just keep the coffee perking
making more and more
for Disney to adore

All in his own name
he’ll absorb all of the fame
they figured we’ll share in all the wealth
lets’  drink to Disney’s health

Da Da Da Disney’s on Ice
he’s dreaming of some mice
it was his brother Roy
who had a strategy to employ

We’ll carve the company into shares
this Walt Disney had to fear
for he wanted complete control
to fulfill his corporate goal

Roy said cut the staff and wages
though themselves they had their raises
so the workers went on strike
this Disney did not like

He said of all the luck
so I didn’t create that duck
we’ll have to pay the cost
but I’m still the freak’n boss

Da Da Da Disney’s on Ice
he’s dreaming of some mice
he’s got himself a vision
on your local television

He grew thin, big and grand
and created Disneyland
he wanted the whole world
but his head began to whirl
He caught a bad disease
that put him on his knees
before the gods of science
those stupid mental giants

He thought why can’t I live forever
I mean I should because I’m clever
maybe with a dash of salt
they could freeze him in a vault

Da Da Da Disney’s on Ice
he’s dreaming of some mice
thaw him out some decades later 
in a suit of alligator

He’s the mastermind behind
the empire in a grind
he should of taped all his decisions
to fulfill his corporate visions

For those who seized control
didn’t have the soul
so they’ve got things in a mess
boy how could Disney rest

Will he come again
our animated friend
Disney’s on Ice
Disney’s on I I I  Ice..