From the recording In The Land Of The Insane

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Sitting On a Fence
by Greg Englesson

I’m just sitting on a fence
trying not to make much sense
looking at the river flow / as the flowers grow /
underneath the suns glow / well don’t you know /
I'm just sitting here in time / with my fishing line /
just waiting for a funky rhythm/ and cleaver rhyme
and I’m just sitting on a fence
waiting, watching trying not to feel so tense
I hear the radio / as the wind blows
cacophonies, rustle leaves of weary wows
I listen to the statistical speculation / of the expanding population /
in a negation nations / desolation destination
I’m sitting on a fence
hearing the chaos commence
The accountants count / the debt we accrue /
as the lawyers lie to pursue/ corporate politicians next money move/
Hungary children adore what they can’t afford/
at the toy store/ while we abhor that they are poor

I just really don’t know any more than you
so come and sit here in this human stew
watch what all the people feel say and do
wait and will the connections to renew

I’m just sitting on a fence
waiting, watching the chaos commence
I see the TV screen in the sky / tell me how to live /
when and where to die / so I can buy,buy, buy
tell me what you believe will be / in the future of you and me /
in the state of the land of the slavery free/ are we free? Beats me!
I’m sitting on a fence
waiting for compassion to commence
sitting here in my bliss as a man throws his fist
into a rage filled dismal abyss (well now I’m pissed)
see the homeless lady / stop her shopping cart /
on the busy boulevard with her heart / as cursing cars pull her apart.
can’t we start to have a heart
sitting on a fence
waiting for compassion to commence
commence, commence
to make some sense
on this lonely fence.