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From the recording Chronic Citizens "Capital Cult"

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U. S. A.
by Greg Englesson

U. S. A.
hey hey hey
how do you stand?
it’s your profit motive
that makes you so grand
and anti-human attitude
is that your food?
you are so crude
it puts me in a bad mood
yet I am part of you
so too all the rest
in fact without us you do not last
yet it’s only a few who really benefit
and the rest who eat the shit
for that majority of our nation
who eat and invest the dedication
what is real remains unseen
what they feel is only a dream

who are all of them
they fly around the world
again and again
all a part of diplomacy
in the name of the company
wine and dine
have a good time
while in South Africa
they’re dying in a a mind
die die die, diamond mine…