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  1. Capital Cult

From the recording Chronic Citizens "Capital Cult"

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Capital Cult
By Greg Englesson

why do you live in here??
crawling down to the center of your fear
praising those you do not trust
the ones who wallow in self-lust
they tell you everything's alright
sit and starve and watch the space flight
defending ourselves against all those
who we ideologically oppose
the technocrats have it all worked out
the bureaucrats know what it’s about
you and me sit and wonder why
how and when we’re gonna die
we run around aimlessly confused
while commercials bring us the news
decoration in the pentagon
talking usage of the nuclear bomb
isn’t it the fucking case
they’re planning for destruction of the race
that’s O.K. ‘cause america will strive
to be the only one to survive
underground in a vault
they’ll develop a capital cult
with all their money and their lies
mcDonald’s hamburgers and french fries
they pace around in their distress
chanting “america, it’s the best”
they’ll be harbored in cancerous shells
twiddling thumbs and biting nails
nothing to do nothing to see
stale food and rampant disease
who could believe to be so dumb
they were protecting their free-dumb
free-dumb dumb dumb